13 - 14 Aug 2022
License: L#221105 Status: Not Ready

International Show Show Entry

Organizer: Dennis
Region: ER-010
Location: Russia, Moscow (South Area)
Email: dennisclub@yandex.ru
Phone: +79257722779
Certificate: One Judgement (13 Aug 2022)
One Judgement (14 Aug 2022)

About Show

The Dennis Cat Lovers Club invites you to take part in International Cat Show
AUGUST 13 - 14, 2022
License WCF L# 221105 - EUROPE CONTINENT SHOW- ER-010

Exhibition venue: MARI shopping mall (Moscow, Porechnaya str., 10)

Mrs. Irina Guseva;
Mrs. Nataliia Bielova;
Mrs. Marina Zhuravleva;
the list will be updated.

Rings : Adult, Kitten, Neuter;

Special Breed Show: Burmese, Maine Coon, Siberian, Scottish, British, KBL&KBS, Hairless;

Fun Shows: Ladies, Gentlemen, Long hair, Short hair, Forest cats, Russian breeds, Rare breeds, Venecian mask (colorpoint), Jewelry cats (silver, gold).

Pre-registration for the exhibition is by e-mail: dennisclub@yandex.ru

Cats are allowed to the exhibition, provided they are fully vaccinated by age.
Vet passports and vet certificates are strictly mandatory.